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Главная » Статьи » Архив 2017

Ситуационный час «Победи зло добром»

21 ноября работником городской детской библиотеки проведен ситуационный час «Победи зло добром».

На этом мероприятии мы порассуждали с детьми, что такое доброта и  легко ли быть добрым. Прочитали и обсудили рассказы: В. Донникова «Канавка», И. Туричина «Дружба». Предложили детям стать свидетелями некоторых ситуаций из жизни, и попросили высказать свое мнение.

Ребята познакомились с  мультфильмами  по теме мероприятия,  поучаствовали в конкурсах, спели песни о добре.

В конце мероприятия ответили на вопрос: где находится царство доброты? - Оно находится в сердце человека.

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1 Albertvom  
The prostate gland is central to the a part of a male's reproductive :. It secretes fluids that help the transportation and activation of sperm. The men's prostate is found just as you're watching rectum, below the bladder and all around the urethra. When there is prostate problem, it is almost always very uncomfortable and inconvenient for that patient as his urinary system is directly affected.

The common prostate health issues are prostate infection, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

Prostate infection, also known as prostatitis, is easily the most common prostate-related symptom in men younger than 55 yrs . old. Infections in the men's prostate are classified into four types - acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic abacterial prostatitis and prosttodynia.

Acute bacterial prostatitis will be the least common coming from all varieties of prostate infection. It is due to bacteria found in the large intestines or urinary tract. Patients may experience fever, chills, body aches, back pains and urination problems. This condition is treated through the use of antibiotics or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help remedy the swelling.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is really a condition associated with a particular defect in the gland and the persistence presence of bacteria inside the urinary tract. It can be caused by trauma towards the urinary tract or by infections via other areas in the body. A patient can experience testicular pain, lower back pains and urination problems. Although it is uncommon, it may be treated by removal with the prostate defect followed by the use antibiotics and NSAIDs to take care of the inflammation.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is the reason for approximately 90% coming from all prostatitis cases; however, researchers have not yet to determine the causes of these conditions. Some researchers believe that chronic non-bacterial prostatitis occur due to unknown infectious agents while other feel that intensive exercise and lifting could cause these infections.

Maintaining a Healthy Prostate

To prevent prostate diseases, an appropriate weight loss program is important. These are some from the actions you can take to keep your prostate healthy.

1. Drink sufficient water. Proper hydration is important for overall health and this will also maintain your urinary track clean.

2. Some studies advise that several ejaculations each week will help to prevent cancer of prostate.

3. Eat red meat in moderation. It has been shown that consuming greater than four meals of beef per week will raise the likelihood of prostate diseases and cancer.

4. Maintain an appropriate diet with cereals, vegetable and fruits to be sure sufficient intake of nutrients required for prostate health.

The most crucial measure to adopt to make sure a healthy prostate is always to choose regular prostate health screening. If you are forty years and above, you must opt for prostate examination one or more times a year.

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